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Posted by on in Family Living
RAISING A HAPPY FAMILY. We all come from families, no matter how the family is that’s where you belong. Be it a royal family, middle class, low class, nuclear, single parent family, street family and any other type of family, we always have a sense of belonging.  Say they are in a happy family while others say they are in a troubled family, this is normal to hear. Many new couples are always optimistic of raising a happy family no body wishes to have a troubled family where everybody is at a logger head with one another.  It’s not so easy to rise up a family which everybody will feel is happy. It takes some effort for this to happen. Everybody in the family has an obligation to do; if he or she fails it will consequently result to wrangles in the family. The husband must know what, when,how and where to do his part, the wife and the children should play their roles too. Each member...
Tagged in: family
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Posted by on in
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Posted by on in Buying Property
   Signs that you are ready for your first home or property Buying your first home should be a personal decision and if you want to commit yourself into  a long term ownership, you should be careful of the approaches you will take. You must not buy your first home out of emotions, likewise , do not buy a home simply because everyone else is doing so  , you cannot predict what will happen to home prices tomorrow, rather you should invest in your first home or property based on your long term financial status. Here are some other signs that should tell you that you are actually ready for your first house; Buy your first home when you have a substantial sizable down payment Traditionally, you are expected to have a down payment of at least 20% of a home but there are ways of steeping this requirement with a zero% down...
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Posted by on in Finances, Loans, Interest Rates, Mortgages
 Searching for Finance for your first Home  Buying your first home or property can be the biggest financial commitment you have to make in your entire life, but there are several options you can consider if you are struggling to meet up with this important financial obligation.When you are considering buying a home for the first time, the first thing you should do is to save up for the initial deposit, this will be a good indicator by financiers to access your ability to meet up with your repayments. Aside for the major cash deposits, you should also be able to raise the initial costs for legal services, bond registration, and bank fees.  You should also consider searching for your first home in a neighbourhood that costs cheaper and in accordance with your monthly income or source of finance.  Here are some other steps you will have to follow in financing...
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Posted by on in Holidays
How to Plan Your family Vacation Planning ahead of time is the key to making an ideal family vacation. You definitely want more value for your money and you want your family to have as much fun as possible so that they can appreciate how much you have successfully build your home. Here are some tips on how you can successfully plan a family vacation;Most top Vacation destinations fill up early Most people are perhaps not aware of the fact that the most popular destinations always fill up quickly than they expected.  If you are making the family vacation plans without the use of an agent , then you have to be fast about which Airlines you want to use in travelling to your destination, and what kind of trip will provide enough fun for everyone in your home. Making  Air ticket bookings for instance can be hectic than you think...
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Posted by on in Buying Property
Negotiating the best deal in the real estate or property market Your ability to negotiate with sellers in the real estate or property market is one of the major factors that will determine whether you get a good bargain or not. Buyers can now take advantage of the recent crashes in the property market to negotiate better deal with sellers, especially by developing their powers of negotiation. Here are few points buyers need to know in order to negotiate the best deal in the market and turn prices in their favour;• Always have knowledge of recent comparable sales when you make an offer.Your best bargaining tool in the real estate or property market is your knowledge of recent comparable sales and you can get this by checking out what exactly is going on out there. If you are looking for a single small family home for instance, you should check where...
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Posted by on in Buying Property
Things to consider in the real estate or Property market, before Buying a Home It is easier to allow emotions override your sense of reasoning when buying a property , especially for the first time, but the mere fact that you want something badly does not mean you should not take some time and do a thorough investigation , so that you can avoid some mistakes that might make you regret later on. You need to wait and consider some key factors before making a final offer in the real estate or property. Here are some few things you must consider before making your final offer on a property;•Visit the property at various times of the day Those windows that let in so much light into the property during the day might not offer great benefits during the night, likewise the seeming quiet streets around the property during the day might...
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Posted by on in Legal
Legal aspect of buying or renting in real estate and property Buying or renting a property in the real estate sector comes with some legal implications which both parties must be aware of, these legal obligations cover components such as ;• Costs and expenses of property, and•Buyer Protection. Costs and Expenses In real estate or property business, you need to be aware of some costs and expenses associated with buying or renting a property, these include;Purchase tax,Real estate agent commission, Purchaser’s legal fees,Seller’s legal fees, Maintenance costs, andOther expenses and costs. For the Buyer protection aspect, some of the legal obligations that must be fulfilled include;Title verification and registration,Payment schedule agreements, andLegal inspection of property  Costs and expenses in real estate or property business are the most prominent legal aspect both buyers and sellers must take care of. Purchase tax for instance is the largest extra cost that must be added to the...
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Posted by on in Buying Property
The Busy Spring Season often gives buyers an edge in real estate or property market It is believed that the springs and summer months normally become the busiest seasons of the year for realtors as well as buyers in the real estate or property market, the reason being that most families will want to move during the summer breaks, but for some regions, Springs season may bring in more buyers thereby leading to fierce competition as well as a sharp rise in properties. There are a number of steps you must take if you want to buy a home this springs;• Get started early.If you plan to work with realtors in the real estate or property market then you need to get started very early, especially when you have to interview as many realtors as possible and get references before choosing what exactly you are looking for. • Get your loans...
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Photo shared by on in Automotive


Are you a car owner and looking for an easy and quick way to make some extra money without doing anything? Or are you looking for a car on rent for a few hours or days at cheap rates? Whether you are a car owner or you are looking for an appropriate transportation mode at cheap rate, car sharing is the right answer for you in both conditions. The trend of sharing car is getting considerable popularity day by day.  If you are not familiar with car sharing, here you’ll find some very useful information about it. What is Car Sharing & How Does It Work? Car sharing is very much similar to car rental. However, there are some clear differences between these two models. Car sharing is all about renting a car or any other vehicle for a short period of time (a few hours). Renter has to pay only...
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