About Us

My Rent and Share is a new place on the Internet where You can Advertise your car or property..To give you an idea of what we’re all about, let me tell you a little about the site and what it’s all about.

www.myrentandshare.com  was conceived back in late 2011. My younger brother Mike was moving to university and was having trouble finding a place to stay. He searched newspapers, asked friends, and checked the listings online but there just didn’t seem to be anything out there.  That’s when we started talking about a website that would help people just like Mike. No matter where you lived or were looking to move to, London, New York, Sydney or any where else. Thus began 12 months of research to see if the idea was feasible or not.  We discovered a lot, but there were a few things that stood out:

  • What information do you need to help you find what you’re after?
  • How can sites be easier to navigate and get information from?
  • Why can’t I search information on a site without being a member?

The original goal with the site was just for share accommodation.  We’d help with finding a roommate or even that special place you could call home.  But the more planning that was put into the idea, the more obvious it became that other options would have to be included.

We decided to have apartment listings and other property listings.  We also put in advertising on the site.  The site is designed to support you, to help you, and to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you need. You are able to search or post your Listing in any of these categories.

Share Accommodation
Property for Rent
Wanted Share Accommodation
Wanted Property for Rent
Property for Sale
Land for Sale
Short Term Stays
Parking & Storage
Business for Sale

Cars for Sale

Car Sharing

Lift Share, Ride Share and Car Pooling

Bed and Breakfast

The website was put together by a web developer and launched in March, 2013.  We’ve been upgrading it and making it better ever since, and we’re always trying to add new features that’ll help you.

www.myrentandshare.com Classifieds is a great way to focus on your car and real estate advertising.  There are countless people on this site looking for a place to live or a car to buy and you’ll have a targeted audience that will get you measurable results.

One great feature of the website is our blog. Have a read and please leave your comments, we want to here from you.

www.myrentandshare.com Car and Real Estate Classifieds and More... Join Us www.myrentandshare.com is being built for everyone, We’re still testing and rolling out new features, to make your site better. To get started, please register and sign in.

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy

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