Moving Homes Doesn't Need to be Overwhelming. 12 Simple Steps!

Moving Homes Doesn't Need to be Overwhelming. 12 Simple Steps!

Moving homes can be a really fun and exhilarating experience. OK that's a lie, I and I'm guessing many others dislike the whole ordeal – and for good reason! It is one of the most overwhelming life changes you can experience and unless you're a nomad who lives as minimally as possible, planning a move can be a source of extreme stress!

If you follow these 12 simple steps before and during your move, you'll come out the other end in your new home completely unscathed and stress free: 

[1] Moving homes: Start getting organized ASAP

Start getting organized as soon as you possibly can. Form a list of everything that needs to done before moving day and have time-dependent things such as clearing the fridge, packing your luggage to be used on the first day of living in your new home on the list for the days that are best to do them.

Your number one focus should be counting down to moving day and making sure you've got your move covered every step of the way!

[2] Moving homes: Put together a packing kit

If you don't live alone or have other people helping you pack up before you move, having a packing system to stay organized is vital for a stress free move. Print out a table template and use them as a blank inventory table for you or your helper to mark down each item in the room and assign them scores from heavy to light. 

[3] Moving homes: Keep your move green

You'll obviously be needing a great deal of cardboard boxes, but to reduce the amount of trash from your move you can buy reusable plastic bins which you can use as storage containers well after you've moved into your new home.

If you're downsizing and won't have storage in your new home for storage items, you can instead rent plastic containers from a moving company or even borrow them from your friends. Your can rent storage space by search our parking and storage classifieds category. Reducing the amount of garbage and harm to the environment will make your next move a happier one.

[4] Moving homes: Start collecting boxes well ahead of your move

As I've mentioned, you'll obviously be needing cardboard boxes for your move and you should ideally start collecting them at least a month before your move as it's not always easy to find boxes when you need them most.

You will want a wide variety of sizes; snug to keep your fragile items nice and snug in case a box is too large and medium to large for your various items that need to be packed away.

[5] Moving homes: Organize your stuff by keeping an inventory

Those inventory tables from tip #2 will come in handy especially if you have hired a moving company to help you move. It's always the best option to have a list of items printed out to make sure nothing goes missing once you're settled in.

You should also assign each sheet with a number that corresponds with a box number to know exactly where everything is, as this will help determine which box would need to go into which room.

[6] Moving homes: Label your boxes for an easy move-in

Remember to label each side of the box as only you will care enough to have the labels facing the direction in which they can be easily read. This will make for easier organization and finding your items later on. 

[7] Moving homes: Prepare an "essentials box"

Think about all of the essentials you need and how hard they will be to find among all of the boxes and furniture laying around in your new home. Make sure that you have all of these essentials inside a specially marked box or luggage so that you can have all of your essentials at the ready when you move. Essentials (for me anyway) are things like garbage bags, toiletries, spare clothes and toilet paper. Add as many essential items as you need to the list and have them ready as soon as you say goodbye to the movers! 

[8] Moving homes: Your movers shouldn't have to wait around for you

Friends shouldn't have to wait around or even help you pack when you're moving. You should have all of your furniture ready to be carried out and all of belongings packed away ready to be moved.

And if you've opted for a professional moving service, they should get going with the moving as soon as they turn up. Unless of course they provide a packing service as well.

If you're not prepared when they do, a moving company might have to charge extra as moving companies tend to do two moves a day, not just one. If they have to cancel on their customer they might charge you for the inconvenience.

[9] Moving homes: Keep your valuables safe

Make sure all of your valuables are stored away and marked just like all of the other boxes. If your valuables are fragile, you should mark them clearly with stickers or marker.

Back up your computers, cover your TV screens and monitors with bubble wrap and securely tape them up as anything can happen in transit. Who wants to bother with broken furniture in their new home? Not me!

[10] Moving homes: Pack everything the right way so they don't end up in the trash

Try to avoid packing things in garbage bags. Well-meaning friends or family could accidentally throw them out on moving day.

I see a lot of people who pack things away in garbage bags and I don't advise anyone to do this as people could mistake your belongings for trash and throw them away!

[11] Moving homes: Get your utilities in order

Have the absolutely necessary utilities (water, electricity and gas) hooked up and ready to go before you make your move. Although you can focus on your land line, internet and cable TV later on, you can get them prepared too for an easy transition.

[12] Moving homes: Keep those who help you on moving day happy for a stress free move!

Having adequate food and drink for friends, family and professional movers will make your next move a fun and stress-free one. If you keep everyone happy, you in turn will find that moving isn't as stressful as you thought it was!

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