How to create Free Real Estate Classified to sell your home

How to create Free Real Estate Classified to sell your home

​So you want to sell your home and you want to sell it fast. Well believe it or not it is easy to sell your home without the services of a real estate agent and save yourself lots of money. Most people feel frightened about marketing their houses because they have no experience. But it does not have to be that way. 

One of the amazing methods of marketing your home and attracting purchasers to visit your home is to use marketing whether it is offline or online. Using internet advertising such as free real estate classified website like is strong especially if you use both written and visual tools – and by that it mean images and explanation text. 

To begin you are going to need to take some images of your home. It is vital that each image is taken from an angle that promotes the light and beauty of each room. You can forever ask a relative or family friend who either enjoys or has experience in taking remarkable images. Once you have set of stunning photographs to need to make some detailed text.The more detailed the better. It gives the reader/ potential buyer a better understanding of your property.

You can do this by making a video using a recording gadget such as your cell phone, walking via each room and explaining each room in detail. Discuss about any unique specs, about how you use each area of the home and about your best areas. If you have unique area in the garden where the sun shines bright and warm at particularly times of the day where your family and you can sit in the garden and enjoy. It is vital that any future buyer feels that love and warmth you feel as the present owner. 

Once you have gone through the home and made your recording you can play it back and use the most persuasive parts of your recording for your free real estate classified advert. As it is a classified ad, the number of words you use has to be restricted, so select the vital bits first and include all the important info. Make sure your name, place, email address and telephone are in your ad. 

With images and text ready, it is time to post your classified ad to market the sale of your home. 

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